Merchant Accountsglobal payment advisory

Underwriting and Merchant Accounts

As Merchant Accounts are essentially unlimited lines of credit, we require all of our Merchants to provide us detailed applications with supporting documentation.   We are very experienced in the international account application process and assist in the process as much as possible.

Requirements for all Merchants

  • • Full and detailed Merchant Application form completed and submitted
  • • Articles or Certificate of Incorporation
  • • Copy of Identification of company directors (passport, driver’s license, national identification card)
  • • Bank details with settlement account
  • • Credit card processing statements for prior last six months
  • • Copy of the website terms and conditions
  • • Screenshot of the website’s payment page
  • • PCI compliance documents
  • • Business Plan and sales projections
  • • Financial Statements
  • • Processing History

Rolling reserves

Rolling reserves are a primary tool that are used by our Acquiring Banks in order to protect and mitigate against chargeback losses. This is a portion of the merchant's revenue (typically 10% but depending upon the risk assessment) of the merchant's revenue is kept as a reserve. Upfront deposits and delayed payment periods are also used to mitigate risk.

Website Compliance

Our Banks have a very strict policy for website compliance and the below items must be on your website to be in line with Card Scheme regulations:

  • • Company legal name and address
  • • Customer Service Number and address
  • • Return and Refund Policy
  • • Delivery methods and timing
  • • Listing of products with pricing in the consumer's currency
  • • Terms and conditions listed on the website
  • • Order page to be SSL/secured
  • • Domain Name registered in the Company's name
  • • Visa and MasterCard Logos